How to Write an Essay About A Celebrity: Seven Points to Include

How to Write an Essay About A Celebrity: Seven Points to Include

It’s always entertaining to read posts rolled out by your favorite celebrity. You can observe how they influence the surrounding world and change it for better or worse. But once you have to write an essay about a celebrity, it is easy to draw a blank and get stuck for hours generating thoughts and structuring the paper.

Of course, you might go an easy way, opening Wikipedia and extracting information from the web page, let alone using services like WritingCheap to get it done at the drop of a hat.

But let’s be honest, writing an essay about a celebrity isn’t an everyday task. And when you have to write it, you want to be as thorough and diligent as possible, creating a remarkable piece that’ll remain in the limelight for a long time.

Let us tell you right away that it won’t be easy, more so if you have to write a paper on a local celebrity. But it doesn’t mean writing a celebrity essay is a formidable task. Below, you’ll find several crucial points to include in your paper so that it ends up revealing, fascinating, and, most importantly, exquisite.

Credible and Varied Data

You may adore the person and be excited to write about them, but before opening a document and starting to put ideas on paper, take a step back. Admiring an individual is one thing. Knowing their bio and other critical information is an entirely different one.

It is vital to collect crucial and relevant data on a person above all else. Diversity is the key, especially when it is an essay about a famous person. So, first and foremost, make sure to find various sources, peruse them, and verify such information.

We recommend starting broad and narrowing your search down. For instance, you can begin your research by visiting Wikipedia and learning essential information, moving on to more specific sources, such as interviews. You may also look for social media posts mentioning the celebrity you are writing about.

Minutiae on Celebrity’s Life

As assumed earlier, you want your essay to stand out in terms of uniqueness and insightfulness. If that’s still on the table, you should dig real deep to find scarce information. But before, you must familiarize yourself with the requirements your essay needs to fulfill.

That is to say, nearly every academic assignment has a list of requirements students have to meet. Such assignment sheets usually include the number of required sources, structure, citation style, and word count. Speaking of the latter, it predetermines how many points you can include in the paper to make it exclusive and extraordinary.

Therefore, if the task requires you to write a 2-page essay, we recommend writing about three elements tops. This way, you will manage to build three comprehensive and exceptional paragraphs about a celebrity containing information unknown to the majority of people. That’s for you to decide what to write about; you can choose aspects like childhood, early career, professional life, and others.


Quotations are another central point to include in a celebrity essay. They are real game-changers in a way they help establish credibility and emphasize the celebrity’s reputation and expertise in the industry.

We suggest inserting quotes every here and there to maintain the level of a person’s professionalism. But don’t overdo it; beginning an essay with the quote about a person and placing a quote in each body paragraph will be more than enough. And suffice it to say, you can add quotes from the person you write about and other respected individuals.

Professional and Personal Life

Writing about professional and personal life might sound too trivial. However, including several sentences about these aspects will shed some light on the celebrity’s path, primary goals, and other significant factors in their lives. If you don’t intend to focus on such elements, you don’t need to include too much information.

Likewise, if you plan to write about professional and personal life, you can choose a specific period you think was most pivotal to the person you are writing about. For example, it would be great to provide some basics on the celebrity’s life and then move on to their, let’s say, most successful performance, talking about events that preceded it and followed it.


Celebrities, particularly those who are active on social media, are tremendous influencers. Their posts often get millions of views and hundreds of thousands of reposts. If a subject of your essay is active on any social media platform, it would be reasonable to include some information about their activity, posts’ thematics, messages, etc.


Many celebrities lead double lives. What they are on the screen comes against what they are behind the curtain. Some are too tired to do anything other than work. Others live their best, spend time with their families, travel, do sports, conduct lectures, volunteer, and many more. Whatever pastime a celebrity you are writing about has, consider including it in your paper.


Every famous person leaves a footprint once they retire. Take the movie industry; we all will remember Jack Nicholson for his outstanding play, change of characters, and evoking emotions; Joaquin Phoenix for his realistic expressions; Natalie Portman for her gorgeous plays.

Whoever you write about, highlight what your character has accomplished and why it is crucial. Not only will it show the significance of the person in a specific area, but it will also motivate the readers to get familiar with the celebrity’s works if they haven’t done it yet.

Summing up

There is no one-size-fits-all writing strategy for a celebrity paper. Just like any person is different, celebrity essays can comprise various points. Above are several ideas to help you with the writing process. Hopefully, you’ll find them helpful. After all, it’s up to you what to write about; but as long as you meet the requirements and do your research, we are confident you will produce a subtle and flawless piece.


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