Nigerian Police Officers Are Nice Online Until You Jam Them On The Road – Mr. Macaroni

Debo Adedayo, better known by his stage as Mr. Macaroni, has spoken about Nigerian police personnel. When you encounter a police officer in person, they are not as hospitable as they appear to be on social media, according to a tweet by Macaroni.

He wrote:

“Nigerian Police Officers are Nice online. Until you jam them on the road. They apologized to Ridwan after beating him up by saying “sorry, we no know say you be big man” So only big men deserve to be treated with respect? Tueh”

Instagram comedian, Mr Macaroni confronts security operatives who extorted 30,000 naira from a young boy in Lagos (video)

In other news, A video shows a virtual betting-obsessed Nigerian man getting into it in a church while getting married to his partner.

He made the decision to hastily place a few bets while they were waiting for the following procedure even though his white wedding was already underway inside the church.

The bride was seated right alongside the groom while he was actively using his phone, and the groom was unaware that he was being recorded.