“It was not easy being in the house, I was sad” — Amaka opens up, addresses viewer’s concerns

Amaka Mbah, who was evicted out of the BBNaija Level Up house, responds to audience complaints about her behavior there.

Days after her eviction, the housemate who was removed via a system of voting by individual housemates gives a speech.

During an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “I was not being insensitive in the house. I only acted based on my conscience.”

Speaking about her disagreements in the house, Amaka stated, “It was not easy being in the house. I had altercations (with other housemates) and I was sad. I did not know what was happening outside, so it could not have been a strategy on my part.”

About her fight with Bryann, she revealed, “I tried to manage the issue between me and Bryan, but I felt he was trying to get a reaction from me. While I was explaining something to the housemates, he kept making annoying sounds and stated that I was emotionally unintelligent, and that irritated me.”

Reacting to Kess, who stated in an earlier interview, that she was an insensitive person, Amaka said, “From my own understanding, we are different people and perhaps, we misunderstood each other. But, I was not being insensitive. Everyone has their opinion and if that is his opinion about me, I do not have a problem with that.”

Amaka also added as regards nonchalant attitudes during task, “About me being nonchalant, that was not the case. I had a lot going on in the house and I am a human being. Regarding the ‘Supa Comando’ task, I thought it would be intense and require a lot of energy, so I wanted to eat well before participating in it.”