‘You are truly a working miracle’ Ini Edo praises mothers with an emotional note as she celebrates them

Ini Edo

Ini Edo, a Nollywood actress, has written an emotional letter to all mothers in honor of Mother’s Day.

The elegant mother of one took to Instagram to share a stunning photo of herself while praising mothers for their bravery.

According to Ini Edo, mothers continue to stand tall despite societal pressures. While noting that mothers make significant sacrifices in order for their children to succeed, she described them as a living miracle.

Ini Edo, writing from her motherhood experience, stated that the joys of motherhood make her feel the unconditional strength that comes in the face of sacrifices.

Captioning her post, She wrote: “Happy Mothers Day to women, Standing tall in the face of societal pressure, you do a lot to birth opportunities, nuture and make dreams alive. Dear Mummies…… you are truly a working miracle and with that large heart your hug lasts forever because you never let go. Dear Mummies you sacrifice that we rise, you’ve taught us that hard times can be overcome and when I think about the love motherhood brings, I feel that strength that comes unconditionally because we sacrifice a lot! I celebrate you today and always…. God bless you”

Ini Edos post on mothers day Ini Edo