“The one who made me learn mother’s duties at a young age” Bukola Arugba celebrates ‘first baby’ birthday

Bukola Arugba celebrates

Bukola Arugba, a Nollywood actress, is commemorating the birth of her “first child” today.

The mother of twins thanked her younger brother in a message on her Instagram page for educating her about motherhood at a young age.

She recalled how, while carrying him on her back, she would conduct errands for their deceased mother while continuing to play with her friends.

Bukola stated that she and her younger brother were hoping for a baby sibling. Fortunately for them, a boy was born to their parents after 9 years, and despite their age difference, he quickly became everyone’s baby.

“Happy birthday to my first baby, my sweet Mama’s last baby. One who made me learn mother duties in my young teen ages. I would clasp u on my back for 4 hours, run errands for our sweet muk of blessed memory, and still play my “ten ten” and “suwe” alongside. We wanted another sibling after my immediate younger bro, but Dad n mum never gave u to us until 9 years after the wide gap between u both didn’t matter after all he got a fellow boy like him. U were everyone’s baby. You are still my baby. I know u would frown at this. I proudly say again that the boy whose first poop was washed by me is plus 1 today, a big man, a prolific photo man, top-notch, professional in photography”.

The one who made me learn mothers duties at a young age Bukola Arugba celebrates brothers birthday