“I can’t remember when last I was this happy” Mr Macaroni pens appreciation note following overwhelming love he received on his birthday

Mr Macaroni

Debo Adebayo, also known as Mr Macaroni, an award-winning sketch maker and content producer, has written an appreciation card to everyone for the love he received on his birthday.

The actor, who turned 30 yesterday, took to Instagram to express his gratitude for the surprise party, presents, prayers, and other expressions of affection he got.

He stated that since becoming a famous figure, he has not been as joyful as he was on his birthday, and that the strong guy everyone sees is a man filled with melancholy.

Mr Macaroni prayed for all those who celebrated him, offering them blessings and happiness after admitting to having a different kind of pleasant sensation.

He wrote: “Thank you all for making me very happy.
I can’t remember when last I was this happy since becoming a Public Figure.
I have always had to conceal my pain…
Behind the Fighter and Strong Man you think you know is a lot of sadness.
But my family, friends and the millions of people who follow me and wish me well have indeed given me a brand new feeling. A different kind of joy and happiness.
I write this letter, thanking you all for your heartfelt messages, prayers, gifts and love that you have shown to me.
May God bless you with a million folds of the blessings and happiness that I have received.
My heart prays for you all.
I love you.”

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