The Poker Diet: How to Stay Sharp and Keep a Straight Face with Snacks

How to Stay Sharp and Keep a Straight Face with Snacks

During those extended online poker real money sessions, it’s important to keep fuelled with the right food and drink to ensure that you maintain the peak of your poker abilities, allowing you to keep winning hand after hand. For new players, experts over at have put together an online poker real money list for you to enjoy, but let’s also take a look at some nutrition tips which could give you an even greater edge.


While it’s not the most exciting or flavorsome drink available, water is very important for poker players and…everyone. Keeping hydrated with plenty of water ensures a person’s cognitive ability keeps working well, being able to make decisions rationally without erratic behavior. Such skills are needed to succeed at poker, as you assess and react to changing situations rapidly. Regular bottled or tap water is the best but if you really like, you can have one of those flavored bottles which has a touch of fruit in them.

Boiled Eggs

One of the best sources of slow-release energy is the humble egg. A fantastic protein used by many in recipes or served as the main component of an egg. Those playing poker can rely on a boiled egg as a good mid-game snack. They can be very easily stored in a lunchbox and eaten very quickly, meaning they don’t distract too much from the poker action. Boiling eggs couldn’t be simpler to prepare, even for poker players who aren’t confident in the kitchen.

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Green Tea

If you need a little boost to get you through your poker session, then you’ll some kind of caffeine. While many people enjoy energy drinks or canned coffee beverages, these can have excessive amounts of sugar and give you a spike of energy before a severe drop-off. Green tea drinks typically contain enough caffeine to give consumers a little pep while exclusively having natural ingredients which don’t lead to nasty spikes in energy or overt sugar amounts.

Crisps/Potato Chips

There might not be a better mid-game snack for a poker night with friends than crisps (or potato chips if you’re based in the US). These are a great little snack filled with lots of flavours which can be easily decanted into separate containers. Everyone likes them too, so you can never go wrong. The only consideration to be wary of is that some brands can be excessively greasy and the remnants of the crisps can be left on the cards – which could damage the deck!

Oranges and other citrus fruits

It’s important to eat enough fruit and vegetables regardless of whether you’re playing poker or not. Oranges and other similar fruits like clementines, satsumas and tangerines can have tremendous health benefits. The amount of antioxidants helps the body protect itself, while this won’t help you directly win games of poker, they will make you feel better in your general health allowing you to in turn play better, as no player can perform at their best if they aren’t feeling well. Some studies suggest that citrus fruits as a whole promote brain function, which of course is a benefit to those playing strategic games like poker!

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Avoid Alcohol

Lots of people enjoy a social drink or two, which in moderation is fine. However, mixing your passion for alcohol and poker is a cocktail for disaster! Alcohol tampers with your ability to think properly and also makes it harder for you to conceal information. Two factors which need to be in optimum condition when playing poker. If you really want the taste of alcohol while you’re playing poker, why not try a 0% beer? Of course, if you’re playing poker socially with friends where no money will change hands, then feel free to drink as you usually would as there are no stakes.

Healthy cereal bars

When you’re next walking down the breakfast aisle in your supermarket, be sure to look at the cereal bar range. There are lots and lots of different brands producing cereal bars, however, you want to look for the healthier options. There are lots of terrible ones which are sugar-laden and won’t help you very much in your poker pursuits.

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The healthier cereal bars are made up of oats, nuts and natural seeds. They contain exceptional levels of fibre and refined carbohydrates which assist the body in doing its job properly. In turn, they also regulate the amount of sugar being released into the bloodstream.


This one might be difficult to consume at a physical poker table but is perfect for online poker players. Yoghurts come in all shapes and sizes these days but the best ones are the natural yoghurt products (as opposed to the excessively flavoured gimmick ones). These can be eaten by themselves or with fruits and oats. Yoghurts have been proven to do wonders for the body in the immune and digestive systems. While neither body function can give you the aces, they will ensure that you’re fit and well so that you can perform at your best.


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