5 Ways to spice up your Relationship during COVID-19

When we are in a relationship with that special one, we always want to touch, kiss and hug that him or her as ways spice up your Relationship . In fact we always want to be in that his or her presence.

Due to the COVID pandemic we can’t spend quality time with our partner. The situation of the world requires us stay apart to stay alive. This period might make or mar your relationship.

5 Ways to spice up your Relationship during COVID-19


The Good

Some relationships are growing stronger during social distancing period. Some couples are using this time to know each other better. Since no work to rush to or school work to do, they have the time to talk about things they didn’t talk about before. Many also have time to try out things and explore their relationships. I was talking to a friend of mine about how this period affected relationships. She said asides the discomfort she feels during this time, she is happy  that she has connected with her special one this period. “We vibe a lot.” She said. Like her, many couples have grown closer during this time. Those partners that stay together will also enjoy each other very much too. There are lovers will also fight less because they are home with nothing major to start an argument.

The Bad

On the flip side, many relationships will fall apart during this period. While others will wax stronger. Since there is time to think and there is less work load to be done, you might begin to really understand your partner better. You may notice that he doesn’t like to have his bath till six pm or she likes to spend time on Instagram all day. He doesn’t call even when he is supposed to be free or she doesn’t pick your call even if she is doing something trivial.  Couples might spend less time together, video chatting once in a while.  For some lovers asides greeting, there may few things to talk after all everyone is home. There is simply nothing to talk about. This may lead to them communicating less. Most of these things might lead to break up if not handle properly. ashe nicole 20190615 0001

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Also there is a problem of anxiety, if either partner is going through anxiety and the other is not empathetic enough, it may affect the relationship when this is over.Another thing might be that due to the different activities. Because of this, there might not have time for each other. A friend of mine complained that she spends less time with her boyfriend. She doesn’t like the fact that she can’t see her lover and she hates video call. My friend feels that they don’t spend time as they used to because she wants to sleep and he wants to talk. “It is frustrating.” She said. Couples are going through this. Poor network connection among others may build a chasm in the relationship that may lead to its end.

5 Tips spice up your Relationship during COVID-19

It may be hard to spice things up in your relationship or even keep your relationship going smoothly during this period. If you don’t want to lose your partner during this period, here are some wonderful tips that can help.

  1. Special dates
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Unlike the usual dates, you can set up an online date with your loved one if you are not staying with your lover. Or home date if you are. Either through whatsapp, zoom or Skype, you can organize a romantic date that you two can dress up and just talk. You can spice it up with candlelight and wine. Just keep the evening so romantic that you and your will feel cherished and special


  1. Movie dates

You guys can pick a movie that you both like and watch at the same time.Get a bowl of popcorn or your favorite snack and Skype or video chat while you both watch your movie. This will give a cozy feeling. Even though you can’t cuddle on the couch, at least you will be together and share a moment. It also will give you both something to talk. Like how interesting the movie was or how a particular scene was too emotional or just very funny.


  1. Talk

Talk about that time you broke your mom’s favorite plate and she almost killed you, talk about that time you were talking to your business client and a leaf was stuck in your teeth. How many kids you like to have, why you want a girl first not a boy. Talk, talk, talk, communication will help you both during these times. Also talk how the pandemic makes you feel, this can help relieve some of the anxiety and tension in you both. You can bring up topics for discussions; you can check people’s IG stories for issues and talk about them.

  1. Online games
Being content in a relationship

There are many virtual romantic and non-romantic games you can play with your partner. You can try virtual games like Endless run, online chess or checkers, racing games among others. Just have a blast with your partner as you go head to head or partner up to play a game. This will keep you both engaged and build intimacy even when you are miles apart. You could also play online puzzles, riddles, and other fun stuffs. The key is that you are doing it together.

  1. Cute texts and packages

Send each other love messages that show how much you both care about each other. You can also send each other gift baskets, cards and anything that show that you love each other deeply. Whatever you send should be well thought of and of significance to your partner. It should be something that shows your lover how much you care for him or her.

My Message to You

Though you might be tempted to hang out with your partner to save your relationship, remember that you will may be endangering the life of your lover instead of saving it.

Have a blast with these 5 Ways to spice up your Relationship during COVID-19 and even go crazy and try out news things on your own.

The key is to keep the flame of relationship burning and  to make that special person feel loved.

This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs. Remember to stay safe










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