What is HHC? How is it Different from other THC products?

What is HHC? How is it Different from other THC products?
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Cannabinoids have dominated the health and wellness sector since a rise in their use in the past few years. CBD for my THC and Delta 8 has dominated the health supplement market with potential medicinal and therapeutic properties.

However, the world of cannabinoids is evolving, and experts are discovering new varieties of cannabinoids from the original compound CBD and THC.

One such form of cannabinoid that he’s getting much attention is HHC vape. Read the head to understand what HHC is and how this compound is different from THC.

What is HHC? How does it work?

There are numerous cannabinoids available in the market. While CBD, THC, and Delta 8 are the most popular cannabinoids, various similar compounds offer the same results and a safer medical profile. One such compound that has all these features is HHC.

HHC or Hexahydrocannabinol is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid that is created as a result of the hydrogenation of THC. Discovered by Roger Adams in 1940, HHC is derived by mixing hydrogen molecules to Delta 9 THC. As a result of adding hydrogen and metal catalysts, a synthetic cannabinoid is created. This synthetic cannabinoid, HHC, has potential medicinal and therapeutic properties.

It is crucial to understand that the interaction that leads to the creation of HHC cannot occur naturally. Therefore, HHC can only be created in laboratories using state-of-the-art technology, materials, and types of equipment.

Experts across the globe suggest that HHC and THC work similarly to the rest of the cannabinoids. Like CBD, THC, and Delta 8, semi-synthetic cannabinoids, HHC interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system.

Experts do not have any direct or concrete evidence to suggest how the compound works, but they are optimistic that it works exactly like other cannabinoids. They indicate that HHC interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors to produce potential medicinal and therapeutic properties.


How is HHC different from THC?

Even though HHC and THC have many similarities, some significant differences make them different. Let us explore some differences between the two:

Nature of compound: A significant difference between HHC and THC is that THC is a naturally occurring compound. THC is abundantly found in hemp and cannabis plants and is extracted through natural processes. HHC, on the other hand, is a semi-synthetic compound that is sourced from THC using state-of-the-art technology, chemicals, and equipment.

Therefore CBD is a natural compound, whereas HHC is a semi-synthetic compound. However, modern techniques use hemp-derived THC to extract HHC from it. Therefore most of the HHC available online is generated using low- THC compounds, and they do not have the same potency level as THC.


Legality: as far as the legitimacy of these compounds is concerned, the firm Bill 2018 puts it all into place. As per the firm Bill 2018, any product containing more than .3% traces of THC is prohibited from use and is a controlled substance. Therefore as far as legality is concerned, HHC is a legal compound to the extent that it does not contain more than .3% traces of THC. However, as far as THC is concerned, the intoxicating properties of THC make it a controlled substance as per the farm bill 2018.


Potential effects: The possible psychoactive and mind-altering experience is another factor that makes the two compounds stand apart from each other. Experts and seasoned users have highlighted that HHC is less potent and psychoactive than THC. When a person consumes HHC, they are less likely to feel a sense of euphoria or high than taking a dose of THC. It is crucial to highlight that traditionally potent THC was used to source HHC. The potential effects of HHC that THC does not offer include energy boost, better focus, better concentration, mood enhancement, better cognitive skills, etc.

Safety: A significant difference between the two compounds lies in safety. Experts and researchers across the globe have suggested that HHC is a safer compound than THC. Since HHC has lower psychoactive properties than THC, it is safer for human consumption than THC.

It is crucial to highlight that HHC is a potent compound and can lead to mild side effects if consumed in a higher amount. A person might experience mild side effects, including dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. So, when a person experiences these side effects, they must stop using HHC and seek medical advice.

Dependency issues: Another significant distance between the two compounds is that THC has shown high dependency issues. On the other hand, HHC has a safer profile, and so far, no research has highlighted that a person consuming HHC is likely to suffer from dependency issues.

Dosage of HHC and risks associated with it:

Just like any other cannabinoid, there are several factors that a person must keep in mind before consuming HHC.

Firstly, the effectiveness of HHC is based on the correct dose of the compound. In this light, it is crucial to understand that the efficacy of HHC is dose-oriented and that there is no universal dosage of HHC that can be prescribed. Therefore a person must consult an expert and fix the amount of HHC required.

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Secondly, a person must be aware of the active ingredients of the HHC infused product that they are consuming. Since there is a possibility of traces of THC being present in the HHC infused product, a person must go through the content label to check for the amount of THC.

Several vital factors that can play a crucial role in determining the correct dose of HHC include age, health, underlying condition, diet, metabolism, and more.

A final word on HHC:

HHC is a unique compound. It has shown tremendous potential in offering medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Even though research on the compound is minimal, experts are optimistic about its future applications. Seasoned users and experts highlight that the compound has many potential benefits; however, one must use it cautiously. A person can include HHC in their daily routine but must do so in regulation.

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What is HHC? How is it Different from other THC products?