Nicki Minaj Throws Shade Amid Cardi B & JT’s Twitter Feud, Cardi Changes Profile Pic To Remy Ma & Posts Nicki’s Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Fight at Harper's Bazaar

Rap gworls are fighting! Cardi B and JT had a Twitter feud yesterday, which prompted Nicki Minaj to join in by changing her Twitter profile picture to JT. Cardi responded with the same zeal, changing her Twitter profile picture to Nicki’s adversary Remy Mama and posting the ex of Nicki’s better half, Kenneth Frivolous. Get the tangled details inside.

The rap women went through the day disparaging and hits on Twitter, creating a ruckus between their fan pages and fan accounts.

Cardi B and City Young ladies rapper JT got into a warmed Twitter trade after JT saluted GloRilla for “Later 2” making it into the Main 10 of Bulletin’s Hot 100 rundown. Fans immediately saw JT didn’t make reference to Cardi, who is included on the track:

In light of a Twitter client, JT said she didn’t make reference to Cardi on the grounds that the tweet was excessively lengthy.

“NAH really the tweet was excessively lengthy!,” JT tweeted. “Additionally Cardi Been having top 10’s I been saluting her for a really long time this is GLO initial one, I’ve been disregarding you all however you all are hella irritating, move round and get off my D*CK much obliged!”

Minutes after the fact, Cardi reposted a tweet by Outline Information, commending her track with GloRilla getting a Main 10 spot on Board’s Hot 100 rundown.

“Also, MY RECORDS LIVE IN THE Main TEN,” Cardi tweeted in covers.

Following that tweet, the “Bodak Yellow” raptress stated, “Lapdog,” which fans hypothesized was focused on JT since she didn’t “@” who she was alluding to. For setting, fans accept Cardi considered JT a “lapdog” concerning her recently shaped companionship with Nicki Minaj.

“I want to believe that you don’t think you no BULLY!!!,” JT answered. “Wiener canine!,” she followed up.

Nicki Minaj got scammed by a fake Chinese Music festival
Nicki Minaj got scammed by a fake Chinese Music festival

“Go bring,” Cardi tweeted.

Then, at that point, JT straightforwardly answered Cardi, reposting her “go bring” tweet with the reaction, “Cardi you go get a genuine ability! We DM’ing why you return here to put on an act for these Children?”

“So stand by, me and you talking in the DM face to face, yet YOU take it to your course of events and toss shots calling me a domineering jerk and a wiener… Why you acting ignorant? What’s more, YOU discussing an ability?! haaaaa! You failed to remember P attempted to put me on mind your author?,” Cardi tweeted accordingly.

Peep their trade beneath:

The “Misbehave” raptress popped back, “That was BEFORE you replied!!!! and said you was discussing ME! So explain to the world why you said I’m a lap canine cardi!” She proceeded, “No you needed our composed [sic]!!! For our snares for our sound goal you obviously have none! Ask ANY essayist! I compose my OWN poop!!! You know this.”

The “WAP” raptress reposted a video clasp of JT saying she opened entryways for another age of female rappers:

Then, Cardi answered JT’s cases that she doesn’t keep in touch with her own rhymes:

“I certainly didn’t… P needed to place me in to your scholars cause you all numbers make him penies [sic]… … My ability represents it self though,” Cardi tweeted close by screen captures of her YouTube sees.

“Shake it dropped, I tweeted her verses!,” JT tweeted “In the fog of a Stan made up drill war! Yet, today should be about GLORILLA! rather you called me a lap canine nah b*tch ima a Major Canine!! rooftop roof!!!!!,” she proceeded.Cardi B returns to Instagram with NSFW photos after deactivating account

“Cardi please I’m not dazzled I don’t mind I’m not session to meat with you about YouTube young lady is insane?,” JT answered. “I’m a road b*tch YouTube ain’t got me on no rope h*e, move,” she proceeded.

A fan tweeted JT, “saying thing [sic] while beseeching her in 2019 for a hit is crazy ngl.”

The Miami local answered the client, “I was in prison, yet in addition extremely grateful! Likewise never dissed her! Likewise never had an issue she said in light of the fact that I kept in touch with her fans back similar fans she revile out like a canine! In any case, hello I could be off-base idk.”

“Didn’t I hit you back in the DM 20 minutes prior however I have to come on the course of events for a response?,”Cardi asked JT. “Also, you’re quiet yet consistent contending here. Like I said, this sh*t is to look good. Go getters.”

“Perhaps both our timing off, yet how could I be a go getter you called me a lapdog for no great explanation make since! However, back to the dm’s I go,” JT composed.

The Grammy winning rapper then, at that point, tweeted, “Matter truth, I’m not in any event, doing this on the timetable! It’s turning out to be truly monotonous for pup treats. We previously tending to it in the Dm’s. Farewell You all.”

She added, “You know what, the DM’s are getting more private and it’s far past this sh*t. Ima stop it here. Twitter the pleasure is all mine for the show”

“Hang tight I’m back for this last tweet cause who doing anything for pup treats??,” JT answered Cardi. “On the off chance that anything glorilla have [gave] you a BONE that you really want to go feed to that canine you was presenting by the pool with for hot sh*t! Extravagant jeans.”

Because of a fan, JT faulted fan pages for beginning the quarrel. “Indeed in light of the fact that I approved of her, wrong b*tch that was yalllllllll making a phony a** issue and she let it all out.”

Peep their trade underneath:

“Hot sh*t appeared higher than any melody you at any point dropped or been on, jail pants,” Cardi answered JT’s tweet about GloRilla giving her a bone. “Everyone has great and terrible minutes however you haven’t had one since what? Misbehave?”

JT answered, “I wish I could at any point allow an outline to cause me to feel to a lesser degree a star! I in a real sense came from NOTHING did this sh*t with a rap I Composed out and about hitting licks! I did my time like a genuine b*tch and a b*tch ain’t scratch me in there and consistently for additional chicken on Thursday’s I ain’t rarely disgraced. The business not even intended for young ladies like me to win, as a matter of fact! How about we be genuine this crap is governmental issues!!! Pee generally told us get that poop out the MUD grind hard I set down since I get deterred from this large number of names paying for each mother f*cking thing. *sighs*”

Following their this way and that, Nicki Minaj – who added JT to her “Very Freaky” Queensmix – got the visit together with inconspicuous shade by changing her Twitter profile pic to an image of JT.

Presenting that equivalent energy, Cardi changed her profile pic to Remy Mama, who was associated with her own rap hamburger with Nicki in 2017. Actually look at it:

The Sovereign raptress then supplanted JT’s photograph with a profile image of her name written in neon lights with a pen instead of the first “I” in her name.

Hennessy – Cardi’s sister – added her opinion into the show, concealing Nicki for contending with females a portion of her age.

“In any case I’m up on the grounds that I got activities like I said when I’m 40 years of age I won’t be fixated on 20 years olds [sic]. I will be carrying on with my best existence with my family not beginning sh*t with females that is 10 years in addition to more youthful than me. That is the reason I say they OLD AND Harsh BYE youthful a** old h*es.”

Cardi B made it a stride further, posting a reel on her Instagram Accounts of Noelle (otherwise known as Redbone Noe) – Nicki Minaj’s better half Kenneth Negligible’s ex – flaunting her outfit with Cardi’s “Tomorrow 2” stanza playing.

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